Monday, May 20, 2013

Highlands RV Park - Bishop CA

While in Bishop we stayed at the Highlands RV Park on site 76.  We don't hate this park, but neither do we love it.  In no particular order, here is what I am thinking about it.
If you're in a 5th wheel, the placement of the power pedestal may compel you to unhook from the truck so that you can get the slides out without hitting the thing.  We watched one guy, who really did not want to unhitch, try 4 spots and then finally give up.  There was not a site that would allow him to stay hitched and get his slides out.   The other interference issue can be trees.  Some trees will force you either to the front or the back of the site.
The sites are narrow.  We can't park with all four tires on the pavement.   Our passenger side tires are 2 inches from the patio slab, and our big slide is almost into our neighbor's airspace. To dump, or get into the driver's side bays, I have to stand on their patio.
This is a 5th wheel on the left, and us on the right.  Notice how close their awning is to us.

Sites are fairly non-level.  Our passenger door is up in the air enough that we had to go buy a step stool for easy ingress and egress.  Many of the Class A's with jacks for leveling have ended up with their right front tires off the pavement.  We were able to level with air bags.
This park is right off of 395 and there is some traffic noise.  We've had worse, but when the young men and their motorcycles go ripping up the highway, you can really hear them.
The laundry room is fairly large, and it's only a dollar to wash and a dollar to dry.  It's well kept.
Verizon works well, we have 4G.  Satellite is good if you have requested a satellite friendly site.
With the exception of the narrow asphalt strip, sites are decomposed volcanic debris and sand, and it sticks to your shoes.

Bishop itself is a very cute little town.  They sound the firehouse siren everyday at noon.  There are 3 or 4 hiking/climbing outfitter stores.  There is a Von's which is actually a Safeway.  It's not a terrible store.  It's next to the nicest K-Mart I've ever been in.  There is a Rite-Aid, but no Walmart or Walgreens.  There is an excellent visitor's center and they will give you maps and a list of things to see and do.
From Bishop north to Reno, it's very hilly which will negatively impact gas mileage.  We don't remember seeing any truck plazas, like Flying J or Pilot.  The Von's in Bishop does have diesel with a high canopy.  We are planning to buy diesel there before leaving.  
With the exception of the Buttermilk Country, all of your hiking opportunities are going to be at about 9,000 feet and up.  Mono Lake and the Bristle Cone Pines are about an hour away.  We didn't make it there this year, but I think we'll be back.  Mid-May is the earliest you want to arrive in Bishop due to snow on the hiking trails and on some of the passes.  If you want to stay over Memorial Day weekend, BOOK IN ADVANCE.  30,000 people descend upon this place for Mule Days.   We tried 2 months in advance but were denied. After reading about it, I'm kind of sorry we'll miss seeing mules doing barrel racing.

2014 Update to post:
We're on site 74. It's really terrible, so much so that we won't accept this site if we come back.  The frame is so twisted from the leveling that the bays doors are difficult to open an close. These sites are really uneven.

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