Saturday, May 25, 2013

Susanville to 7 Feathers RV Park Canyonville OR

The drive from Susanville to Canyonville is another route with up/down.  We were expecting it on 44 and 89, but for some reason we forgot I5 would be up/down as well.  The drive on 44 and 89 is tiring, the roads are narrow and one must be on guard for surprise downgrades with hairpin curves.  It's a pretty drive, however.  Here is a lake reflecting the trees and mountains.

This is Mt. Lassen.

This is at the bottom of the ramp to a very pretty rest area in California.  We highly recommend this rest stop.  It's the most northern stop on I5 in California.

Klamath River, as viewed from the rest area.

You will see this sign more than once on I5 heading north.

This is what happens when you age.  You can't remember anything. As we were making the bed this morning, Jim said to me, "remind me to bring in the sensor for the weather station."  I said sure, I'll do that.  Did I do that?  No.  I went out to dump the grey tank, which is usually Jim's job, and did not pick up the sensor.  Jim spaced it because he has a process of go dump the grey, pick up the sensor.  As it fell off the top of the front tire, we ran over it with the RV.  It's broken, but it still works.  Changing the battery may be an issue.

We're back at 7 Feathers in Canyonville, OR.  This is a wonderful park.  We're on site 41, which is good.  Last year we could not use the Mifi, but over on this side of the park it works.  Park internet is not working well this weekend, something is broken.
These are rhododendrons.  Their season is just about over.  See the bee in the center?

The blossoms are just beautiful.

So we're here for two nights.  Since it's the PNW, rain is coming.  Otherwise it would not be so green.


  1. Beautiful photo of Mt. Lassen. Seven Feathers is one of our favourite RV Parks - a beautiful spot with all the amenities a park can offer.

  2. Hey, you're just down the road from my daughters house in Myrtle Creek! That just happens to be our address these days...