Friday, May 3, 2013

Return to Whitney Portal

After a somewhat disappointing walk at Horseshoe Meadows yesterday, we decided to return to the Whitney Portal today.  It was chilly last night, an extra blanket would have been just the ticket this morning.  Since it was cold, we didn't have to be up and out at oh:dark:thirty to avoid heat exhaustion.  This is the drive to the portal.  It is just other worldly it is so beautiful here.

Since I am still debilitated, we set the hike parameters at an hour out.  It was enough.  The trail starts around 8,400 feet which is waaaay better than the Meadows in terms of oxygen content.  It was actually more of a trudge than a hike, I can't move out with any speed, and am still under orders not to exceed 130 bpm.  I approached that heart rate climbing up some big steps.
Here is Jim at the one hour point.

And here am I.

When we first started up the trail, I though the poles might have been superfluous.  I was mistaken.  This stream crossing was made much better with sticks.

So, an hour up, 45 minutes down.  I am happy to report that I did stay in normal sinus rhythm for the entire time.
Today marks two weeks post procedure.  It's going to be a longer haul back to fitness than I thought it would, but my spouse and life coach has encouraged me not to be stupid and not to over do.  He's right.  There will be no over doing.


  1. So glad your husband has his thumb on you. At least you did go out and do a little hiking, even if it was slow. A lot of people would be just sitting at home waiting. Keep up the slow, short workouts. Take care:)

  2. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous up there! Sounds like you did the perfect amount of exercise for your current situation. Baby steps!