Friday, May 31, 2013

Freightliner and Fog

Today we were up with the dawn.  Ok, maybe not that early, but we were on the road at 7:30, which is unheard of for us.  This is the view across the RV park at oh:dark:thirty.

Tooley fog (also spelled tule) on the way to Freightliner.  That's the bus up the road, I was driving the pickup and taking pictures through the windshield.

We saw this guy on the way south, as well.  It's a sport of which I was not aware.  It's motorized paragliding.  There are two types, one uses a backpack mounted propeller and the other uses a cart with wheels.   One fires up the propeller and lifts off.  I saw the canopy fill pretty much straight up.  I'm not sure exactly how that happens, but it looked pretty cool.  He was still flying when we returned from Freightliner.

As it turned out, the control panel and the transmission are working as designed.  Jim received education from the tech and all is well.  There's a light that Jim didn't think was illuminating; turns out that it is, but it's faint and one must lean forward to see it, without one's sun glasses.
So, we have the weekend off, no moving the bus anywhere.  Monday we start body work on the nose.  Our big slide is still leaking from some unknown place, Erik is going to take it apart from the inside to see if he can tell where the water is coming in.  Water in the RV is bad, things rot. 

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  1. That was an early start!! We've done it a very few times. Some would laugh at us and say 9:00 (early for us) is like mid day!!

    Sure hope you get that water leak solved!!