Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wind in Lone Pine

Yee Hah!  The wind today has just been awful.  The first words uttered this morning were "we need to get the driver's side slides in."  It's been building all day.  This is the most wind we've experienced in the RV.  The constant movement and noise is becoming unnerving.  I feel bad for the people in pop-ups.  We can smell dust in here, so they are really getting hammered by this.
Look at the right most transmission line tower. See the white beyond it?  That's dust coming up from Owens Lake.  It's not a great picture, I was in the truck and didn't want to take my camera outside.


The satellite antenna was stowed at 1:00 this afternoon, so we've spent the afternoon watching Talledega on cable (multiple rain delays) and a couple of my 150 recorded programs.  I am really hoping this will be gone by tomorrow.

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