Monday, May 13, 2013

Cleaning the Bus, New Shoes and a Rant

Yesterday was the great disinfecting of the under coach storage. We found one more poop; but no mice.  I'm hoping we dodged a bullet on this.  A careful examination of the interior of the bus does not reveal any signs of mice.  We were happy to see that all of the areas where pipes and wires enter the floor of the RV are heavily spray foamed.
Based on what I've read elsewhere and a comment (thank you), we stopped by the local feed store (and how often can you say that) for a box of Fresh Cab.  It has a potent smell of balsam fir.  We put it in the utilities bay, which is where the mice can get in.  They can climb the sewer hose, and squeeze in past the outfall.  Anyway, while showering last night I was getting a very strong scent of trees.  The fans are pulling the scent in.  We had to put it outside.  Maybe after a couple of days of airing out we can bring it back in.  If not, we're going to tie it to the sewer hose.

A couple of hours of squatting down to take stuff out of the bays and then standing up, and then putting it all back did me in a bit.  So we went for a drive.  This is the local airport where they do not have fences around the planes.  That is rare these days.  Jim loves a good small airport.
This is a Bonanza V35, otherwise known as a doctor killer.  Jim reports it's a very nice plane to fly, but it's a handful in turbulence.

The one in the middle, farther away, is a glider.

We saw this sign on the way out to look at the train museum.  I have clipped the following text from Wikipedia
  • U.S. Route 6 (US 6), also called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, a name that honors an American Civil War veterans association, is a main route of the US Highway system, running east-northeast from Bishop, CA to Provincetown, MA. Until 1964, it continued south from Bishop to Long Beach, CA and was a transcontinental route. After US Route 20, it is the second-longest U.S. highway in the United States and the longest continuous highway.
Who knew?

We also found a great outdoor clothing store on the main drag of Bishop, very similar to Summit Hut in Tucson.  They have hiking, camping and climbing stuff.  More importantly, they have a lot of shoes for women in my size. They're called Wilson's Eastside Sports.  If you are in the area, check them out.

And now, for a rant.  After the ablation, they put me on Xarelto for 30 days.  It's one of the new "novel" blood thinners that does not have an antidote.  With Warfarin, a bleed can be stopped, but with the new ones, you're out of luck.  So I called a pharmacist with the question: after the last pill, how long until it's out of my system?  They don't know.  What has happened to the profession of pharmacy?  When I was in toxicology, pharm students were like gods because their curriculum was so difficult.  My question is basic information.  Fortunately we have Wikipedia to tell us that the half life (time to expel half the drug) is 7 to 11 hours, and that the inhibition of factor Xa lasts for approximately 24 hours.  From this I infer that I can get on my bike 24 hours after the last dose.  None of this is on any of the industry web sites that I could find.  It's annoying.  Is it just me, or does it seem like most information for the public has been dumbed way down since the start of the use of the word wellness?

Today we're going to a Ben Franklin store to look for foam.  We're going to MacGyver a rat guard to keep the little woodland creatures from boarding the bus.


  1. Glad it is almost biking time for you. I am sure this has been a very long wait. Be careful!

    Hope the mice stay away!!

  2. Thank you so much for giving Fresh Cab a try. The balsam fir scent can be a bit strong to some people, however that is what keeps the mice away too! Please keep us posted how it goes for you. If you are on facebook, you can post to our page or email us: You can also check out more information on using Fresh Cab in an RV here:

    Thanks! Becky, Director of Client Education, Earth-Kind, Inc.