Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sun in the GPNW

Today was a glorious winter's day in the GPNW. Cold, but beautiful. I took these off the back deck of May's house.

The north end of Bainbridge Island, Agate Point.

This is the back of May's house, where it looks at the water.

We had two showings scheduled today. One did not go because the idiot real estate agent could not figure out how to undo the dead bolt. Door unlocking 101 should be part of the real estate curriculum. Alas alack. Anyway, the 2:00 showing was able to unlock the door. We're still overwhelmed by it all. May leaves for Wyatt House on Thursday, project management projects that moving her will take two days. Saturday we will start the removal of non-sale and non-donating items to the carport. We have a trash removal service coming the 22nd, and I hope to have this wrapped up by the 23rd. We're going to stay through Christmas, and then return home. I am really hoping we can get plane tickets out of here. We may not be on the non-stop flight we generally take.
May seems to be coming to terms with this new stage of her life. I think the thought of not having to clean and deal with a large house is a welcome one for her. Plus, there will be three meals a day served with no effort on her part required. She's had a good run here, but all things end eventually.
Over and out maties, I am just whooped.

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  1. she will be much happier with less to take care of and activities to chose from. Good that she has you both. My thoughts are with you at this time. hugs to you