Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Day in the GPNW

It's very strange. This is the driest December in recorded history. Apparently there is the mother all all high pressure systems sitting on this corner of the country. Its presence is pushing the bad weather into the south west, and is causing the blizzard that will be hitting New Mexico.
Parents, again; if you love your children, do not do this to them. Here we have another giant box full of photos in no particular order.

Here we have the deadly drawer of slides. Slides! That drawer has two layers of slide boxes. If you're going to own stuff, honor your stuff by keeping it organized and accessible.

Here are a few old photos from today. This is Caroline (one of Jim's Dad's older sisters) and Jim's Dad at Fort Benning, Georgia. This was at ROTC camp before WWII. Check out the boots.

A picture of the wedding of Jim's parents.

This is Olga, one of May's sisters. Olga died early under mysterious circumstances. My favorite genealogist has not been able to find a death certificate, so c.o.d. remains a mystery. It was weird to find a picture of her. We've never seen one.

Tomorrow the auction people come to pack up all of the items that they think will sell. That will be a day and a half. Wednesday, the guy that takes the remaining stuff to the transfer station comes and gets the rest of it. That will also be a day and a half. We're pretty happy about not having to rent a dumpster and haul it all up the stairs. I've been checking airline seat availability, it's diminishing rapidly. I think we're just going to have to pick a date and say if we're not done, then we're not done. I think 80% if it will be done by Wednesday. The rest may get shoved back into a closet or two.

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