Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Admonishment for the Aging

Reader, I am telling you this with feeling. If you love your children, do NOT leave them with a house full of a lifetime of accumulation. We cleaned out the storage area under the staircase today. If I develop an unexplained fever, I strongly suspect it will be hantavirus due to the rodent droppings in said closet.
We found large boxes full of bank statements from the 1970's and 1980's. We found a camping stove full of white gas. We found many things that did not need to exist.
THEN, I was in the second bedroom looking at a rather large chest. There's no drawer, but I knew (with the knowing of someone who used to own furniture) that it was a storage device. We took everything off the top of it, and lo and behold, the top lifts up. It is FULL TO THE GILLS of Franklin Mint porcelains and commemorative coins; some coins are from the British Virgin Islands, others celebrate the independence of New Guinea. None of it has any value, whatsoever.
We're getting very overwhelmed. Today the furnace guy came out to tell us why everything in the room with the oil burning furnace is covered in soot. The chimney is clogged. The maintenance guy who came out in the spring noted this fact on the receipt, but apparently May did not realize that action was required on her part. We can't get this taken care of until the 21st.
I feel like we are spending a lot of time walking in circles. Until the auction guy comes to tell us what he thinks they can sell, I'm hesitant to start piling it all in the carport. However, we may start piling it anyway.
Anyway, that's today's report from the GPNW. I don't have any pictures that do this justice. Perhaps at a later date.

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  1. Yep, get rid of the junk. After my mom passed away a year ago, it took us months to get everything out of her house so I could get it ready to sell. I don't wish having to go through that to anyone, especially my own kids.