Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day One of the House Empty

It's been a day.
May is back in the hospital. She's got fluid in her lungs and impaired kidney function. It's not yet clear why her kidneys are not functioning well. She took the ambulance to Swedish this morning, and was admitted.
I spent the entire day clearing out closets, drawers, bathrooms and the kitchen. I'm feeling like I have brown lung from the dust.
The auction guys came and removed a fair amount of stuff. They did take the 33 1/3 albums, and I am pretty dang happy about not having to haul them out of here. Today I learned that old ratty towels are in high demand by dog groomers. Goodwill and other stores like that consistently sell out quickly because the groomers want cheap towels. Who knew? The auction guy was saying that his business will be gone in not too many more years. The young pups are not interested in wall furniture (art), tchotchkes, photos, and etc. Homes have become very spare and digital.
Tomorrow the trash guys are coming. After looking in the giant shed in the back yard, I'm pretty sure this will take at least two trips. We're hoping they'll get the interior done tomorrow so the house can be shown, and do the yard and shed later.
In the mean time, ya'll should start throwing away anything you haven't touched in a year. Hell yeah!

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  1. I hope everything works out OK for you with the house thing. After doing the same thing earlier this year with my mom's house, I don't wish this headache on anyone. Merry Christmas too!