Monday, December 26, 2011

Life Tips for the Aged

If you're advancing in years, actually if you've already advanced; for each and every utility bill you have, you should name someone who is authorized to speak for you regarding the account. I tried to disconnect the land line phone today and was unable to do so. Tomorrow we'll put May on the phone and let them try to talk to her.
May was released from the hospital today. She's back at Wyatt House. She went down to dinner, and did well with the walker.
We're entering panic mode on our departure, we still have a ton of stuff to do, and only two days left.

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  1. Hi Allison! You have an interesting blog & great pictures! I read quite a few of your posts. You have expressed how overwhelming it is to organize May & her "stuff"-I wholeheartedly agree that it is so important to scale back your stuff as you age. I don't want my husband's kids picking through my stuff "later" so I purge frequently.

    Press on, 1 day at a time & Happy New Year!

    PS About the mysterious Olga- there is an interesting site called Find A anyway Google it- you might find a picture of her grave which could lead you to additional info about her. Just a thought. We did not know where my husband's dad was buried (long story) but found out where he's buried, with a picture of his headstone, on that site!