Friday, December 2, 2011

More Whining from the Desert & Olive Oil

Bored! Bored spitless I am. It rained off and on for much of the day. I spent 1.5 hours on the treadmill which contributed to my state of boredom. It's been awhile, I'd forgotten how much I hate the treadmill. Anyway, it eventually stopped raining, but I have to say it did not warm up much.
Here is the desert after the rain.

I had hoped for a better sunset, it was pretty puny.

I heard an interesting interview with Tom Mueller, who wrote Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil. It was very interesting. "Extra virgin" means more than just the first pressing of the olive. It must be free of defects such as musty, fusty and several other undesirable flavor characteristics. Most of the "extra virgin" olive oil on the grocery shelves is not extra-virgin. Some of it is not even olive oil. The bulk producers take whatever and then flavor it with real olive oil. This adulterated product will not confer the health benefits of olive oil. The worst outcome is that producers of high quality oil are becoming unable to continue production because they can't make any money. People won't pay for the quality product because they're accustomed to the inexpensive bad product widely available. Your tip off to the good stuff is that it's expensive, should be in dark glass (not plastic) and it's green. I've linked to the book on Amazon in case you are interested.

Jim has started taking his Mom around to look at senior living facilities. The one they visited today is run by a woman Jim has known for decades. He didn't know she was there until they arrived. That was kind of cool. It's close to May's doctor, which is high on her list of priorities. The process is progressing.

The weather heads are predicting rotten weather through Monday. Aaaarrrrgghhh.

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