Thursday, December 22, 2011

More from the GPNW

I took the photo this morning. That's the weak winter sun in the middle-ish of the photo.

May continues to improve. We took the ferry over to see her today. Her color is good; nail beds and gums are pink. She'll probably be discharged day after tomorrow.
I lost the bet with Jim, the trash haulers got it all in one load today. So, I'll take the $5 off the gazillion he owes me already.
Aargh. One thinks one is ready, administratively, for these things, but one is not. The long term health care insurance requires forms to be filled out by all and sundry. Setting up electronic bill pay is tedious beyond belief. We think we've misplaced a piece of equipment that belongs to Comcast, but we're hoping that since it was so old that they won't want it back. And then there are the unknown unknowns. So parents; I say to you, anticipate the worst, hope for the best, plan accordingly.

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  1. Healing thoughts and hugs to May.

    I'm glad you've gotten the biggest amount of work behind you. Though paperwork is a royal pain.

    Have a very Merry and happiest of holidays.

    Happy Anniversary, too.