Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day of the Move

Oy, it's been a trying day. The movers were promised to us noon-ish, they arrived at 3:00. We got a late start on it, but I will say the two men they sent were efficient and efficacious. The truck was loaded and out of the driveway in 30 minutes.
May is struggling with not being in her home anymore. She's (understandably) not happy with the fact that dinner is served at 4:30 pm, but plans to adjust her eating timetable accordingly. There were tears, there was guilt on our part, but it's the only living situation that makes sense for her now. We're hoping that, early dinners not withstanding, she'll be happy at Wyatt House in the time she has remaining.
It's a process. Tomorrow we will return with all of the items we forgot to pack today, and will be assembling a writing table and dresser from Ikea. We must get tennis balls for her walker. When she pushes it, it sets up a harmonic which is probably driving the lady below her nuts.
That is all I have to report maties. The captain has authorized an additional tot of grog, and I intend to have it now.


  1. Hi -

    I asked you awhile ago about why a 4X4 instead of a 2WD on a dolly. Just so know which Anonymous person this is....

    Just a comment on where old folks can live. I take care of my aunt - she is feeble at 91 and fairly delusional. Always smiling, but she doesn't know who I am...

    I live in OR and I have her in an "Adult Foster Home". We had my Mom in an Assisted Living place on the East Coast. I will try not to cuss here - but it was like a factory, as impersonal and all about money as it could be.

    My Aunt has one woman who cares for her - helps when she needs it, takes care of her meals, lets her sleep a little late in the morning, feeds her when she wants food, etc. And the cost is essentially the same. The caretaker has 3 old women in the house, and then she also has her 2 small children there. It is SO much better than where my Mom was. And, she will care for my Aunt - very lovingly - until she dies. My Mom was moved out of the "Assisted Living" place about 3 months prior to her dying, because the "leadership team" couldn't deal with the liability of her dying there - she had Parkinson's, and couldn't swallow very well.

    just a thought.

    PS: I feel you tiredness aqnd pain with the stuff. Did that, been there, etc., etc. It makes you thinking that a quick fire might work best....

  2. What you're doing is for the best, even though it may not be easy. See you soon

  3. Anonymous - your aunt's situation sounds really good. We don't feel too bad about Wyatt House, max occupancy is 42, and we've been very impressed with all of the staff. It was Mom's choice, so we went with it. It's never as good as home was, which is always the problem.