Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day Two of the House Empty

May is doing better today. She spent the night in ICU, but they moved her out to a regular room this afternoon. Her lungs have less fluid and her kidneys are performing better. We don't know when she'll return to Wyatt House at this point.
Speaking of which, this is her new living room. It's very pleasant, she has her recliner, and guest seating for 3. Her living space is bigger than ours, so she wins.

The guys who take the stuff to the transfer station were here at 0800 hours today. They worked like animals, all day. Clearing the shop just about finished them off. There was much heavy stuff there. This is the first of today's two loads. Jim thinks they'll finish in one load tomorrow, I think he's underestimating what's left. They still have the dreaded shed and all of the wrought iron deck furniture. I bet him $5, I plan to collect.

The chimney guy also came today. The situation was not good. Chimney liners are supposed to be stainless steel. For some reason, the people who installed this furnace used aluminum. It melted, today the tech pulled out the collapsed portion and it was just cooked. So, the furnace has been venting into the shop area for quite some time. There are 3 possible fixes, if fixing is required:
  • Insert a 5 inch diameter liner into the 6 inch chimney flue
  • Convert the existing furnace into a side venting system, which will involve drilling through the wall
  • Replace the whole shebang with a new furnace and venting system
The options are listed in ascending order of cost, anyone want to place bets on which it will be?

We're having difficulty getting cleaning people out here. I called ServPro today, they're the people who advertise that after a major disaster, they'll make it like it never happened. They "aren't sure" they want to clean the shop. I don't get it. No flood, no disaster, just a little soot. I may have to call the head office and ask them what they consider to be a real disaster. I know they do the crime scene clean ups in this area, how bad could some soot be?

We went to Central Market for stuff for dinner. They have crabs, at least 4 huge tanks of them.

So, tomorrow we'll see the end of the house emptying process. We're looking forward to that. If we can't get a cleaning service out here, we're going to have to buy a vacuum cleaner. Nooooooooooooo.

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