Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Day off the Rock

The Rock would be Bainbridge Island. May's house is actually on the Kitsap Peninsula, but these distinctions are somewhat uninteresting, except when one is selling real estate. The Kitsap side has lower property values than does the Bainbridge side. They both look at the same water, but who am I to argue with these things.
Anyhoo, this was yesterday morning, just before the fog cleared up. It was a pretty scene off the deck.

After crossing over to the Seattle side on the ferry we drove south on I5. We noticed this DC3 fuselage laying on the grass verge of Boeing Field. We drove over to look and it and wonder how it got there and why.

Then it was over to the old Boeing headquarters building. Things just haven't been the same since the executives abandoned this site in favor of Chicago. It will be a shame if this facade isn't preserved. It's pretty cool.

This a 787. The engines are off the wing at the moment. Look at the swoop of the wings, it's just a beautiful plane. The interiors are also nice, they're very pretty.

Last night we had dinner at the CO's. It was, as always, just delightful. Food was great, dinner companions were scintillating conversationalists, all in all just a pleasant evening and delightful respite. We thank you all for the time out.

We awoke to rain this morning. This is the GPNW we all know and love. Rain, mist, overcast. I took this from the ferry.

Notice the cloud layer obscuring the tops of the Seattle skyline.

This is us on the ferry, wearing fleece vests and jackets, the official uniform of the GPNW.

I found myself back in the dreaded pile of old photos this morning. This is Jim's Dad at 9 months. Cute Cute Cute.

The real estate agent is coming over to discuss furniture staging this afternoon. Tomorrow the auction guy comes to tell us what interests him. That will determine the size of the dumpster we'll be ordering. We may have to hire some help, there are a couple of Ikea-like particle board entertainment units that we can not lift. So, there will either be help or a Sawzall.

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