Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Night on the Rock

Oy. We have headaches and are sad. May's pain is no longer responding to her current meds. She ended up in an ambulance at 0300 hours because she just couldn't take it anymore. The ER gave her dilaudid which did ease it. Unfortunately, dilaudid can only be given in in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility. Her doctor is going to talk to her tomorrow about leaving Wyatt House for a nursing home. We really hoped Wyatt House would last longer than this, it's a really nice facility.
Tomorrow we'll finish cleaning, and back out of the house vacuuming as we go so we leave those nice diagonal marks on the carpet. There will be final trips to the dump, to Wyatt house, and then a ferry to the other side. Friday's flight is too early to risk leaving from here.
Jim will be back up here sooner, rather than later.

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