Thursday, November 3, 2011

Return to Tucson

We're back. It's been a long day. Here is Jim driving the RV. His lane position is pretty good, although he still has a tendency to be a little too far to the right in the lane. After 3 hours of me on the walkie-talkie saying "move left", he's doing much better.

Owning an RV generally requires a learning curve. Today was on a steep part of the curve.
Our first learning experience was slide management. The manual says to bring the slides in before going to ride height. Well, we did that, and the slide behind the driver's seat bound up because the frame was still twisted from leveling. After calling Monaco, we learned that one goes to ride height and then pulls in the slides. We were able to leave after that. It was very distressing, seeing the leading edge of the slide mashed up against the body of the RV.
After arriving in Tucson, we went to level the RV. The airbags are working, but we think the thingy in the back that knows when level is achieved is not working correctly. We went old school and got the level with the bubbles out. I think we're going to have to call HWH who makes the systems and ask a few questions.

Anyhoo, we're here, we're level, and we're glad to be back.

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