Monday, November 21, 2011

Mesa, AZ

This is an RV we saw at Rincon West. It's a Dodge, from the late 60's. It's very cool.

We had nice looking skies on the way to Mesa today.

We're at the Aztec RV park in Mesa, it's an old park, constructed when RVs were 30 feet long. Jim did a magnificent job of getting into a very tight, short spot. It's so tiny that we're sticking out into the street. If we still had the 5th wheel, I'm not sure we could have gotten it in here. We provided entertainment for the residents as we backed and filled. A couple of older gentlemen came out to offer encouragement and advice on how to best get in to this space.

After parking, we nipped down to the welding shop to see where they'd want us to park in the morning. Jim asked what time they'd be done and was told it's a 10 hour job! TEN! We'll be lucky to get it back at 5, it's 20 miles to McDowell Mountain park, so we'll be parking in the dark. This is all so character building!

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