Monday, November 7, 2011

Rain, a New Pickup Truck and Packaging

We awoke this morning to a ferocious rainstorm. After awhile it passed, the sun came out and we had a rainbow.

Look at the hill, between the palm trees. It was cool to see the rainbow in front of the hill. I have not seen it this clearly before. Unfortunately, before I could climb on a picnic table for a better shot, it was over.

We've been towing a 5th wheel with a 2 wheel drive, Chevy 1 ton. It can not be towed behind the Class A since it's not 4 wheel drive. So, a new towed vehicle is required. Would someone like to explain to me when pickup trucks got so expensive? We have sticker and vehicle weight shock. We spent yesterday visiting car dealers looking for a 4WD car. None are big enough for 2 bikes to live inside, along with groceries, laundry baskets and all of the stuff required for life. It's tragic that there are no towable mini-vans. I love the mini-van as a sports mobile. Our road bikes used to live full time in the middle of the van, and life was good. Anyhoo, we bought a 2011 white extended cab 4WD Chevy Silverado half-ton today. I'm not crazy about it, it's the bottom of the LT class, so the passenger seat is not great, but I keep reminding myself that we will not be doing epic driving in the truck, we'll be doing that in the RV. If the seat kills my back, there are after market options, all that is required is an application of money.
We take delivery Wednesday, in New Mexico. Yesssss, we'll be driving to New Mexico. Like California, AZ requires delivery to be notarized out of state to avoid their pesky sales taxes. AZ rates are as high as CA. Road trip!
This is an amazing example of packaging run wild. See the two metal racks on the floor by the boxes? I had to order convection oven racks from Sharp. Those two racks required two giant boxes each, 3 rolls of bubble wrap, and those giant bubbles as well.

After we get the pickup, we'll have a canopy put on the bed. Then and only then, can the road bikes leave the under RV storage area to take up their positions in their new home; safe, secure and dry. One of these days, maybe we'll ride them again. Jim appears to have caught my cold. I'm pretty sure he'll recover, he's not so sure.


  1. Why is it OK to tow a 4x4 (with 4 wheels on the road?) and not a 2-wheel with the 2 power wheels on a dolly?

    I liked the Friedman article of a couple of days ago. It is amazing how many journalists are finding some truth in the "Occupy" movement!

    I've been you blog off and on for a few months. Keep having some fun!


  2. An excellent question. A dolly will always work to tow, but then the dolly becomes a storage issue. Many parks are small and difficult to navigate, backing in a dolly (with the vehicle off) can be difficult. Generally, life is better if one tows 4 down. We do see people using dollies, and automotive trailers with all four off the ground. We just didn't want to do it, plus the one ton truck is fairly heavy to tow.