Monday, November 14, 2011

Organizational Monday

Are you plagued by big puffy comforters, or ski clothing, or other items that take up too much room? Get a space bag! U-Haul sells them. One puts the bulky item in, sucks the air out with a vacuum cleaner, and the result is a much smaller item.

Even though we don't wear shoes in the RV, we noticed the edge of the carpet up by the door was getting dirty, so we bought a runner at Lowes. We knew it would creep, but honestly, we thought it would creep in both directions, so there would be a net travel of zero. No. It only creeps in one direction, away from the front door toward the kitchen. I thought it might be related to the nap of the carpet and got a rug pad to put between the runner and the carpet. No improvement. Then we got out the sticky backed velcro, and stickied velcro to the tile and the underside of the runner. This thing's desire to creep is so strong that it's overpowering the glue on the velcro strip. Tomorrow I'm going to hot glue the velcro to the runner. I will have a stationary runner, I will.

We spent the day re-doing the basements. The bikes are out on the bike rack with a new water proof grill cover on them. I decided that my desire for order was trumping my desire for the bikes to be inside. It went fairly smoothly. Storage always looks bigger than it is, and one's stuff always looks smaller. We have everything in there, with space reserved for things that are out now, but must be stowed for travel. This is Jim in the big storage bay under the living room slide. It holds quite a bit of stuff. Luggage, chairs and less frequently used items live here.

The pull out tray will be the home for the frequently used stuff. It's pretty cool, it goes out on either side of the RV. Cleaning and utilities things are on the driver's side bays, but I didn't get pictures. Too tired.

We're now done with this phase. Monday we're heading to Mesa to get a Blue Ox aluminum tow bar, base plates for the truck and a pneumatic to hydraulic braking system installed. That will allow us to tow the Chevy, and stop it when necessary.
So, that was today.


  1. I hate creeping rugs, I am pulling at my runner all.the.time! I haven't figured out how to fix mine, oh yeah! get rid of the rug underneath! I wish I already had an appointment, but not yet...

    you need as many buckets as we have, until then, you don't win :)