Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Ride

Today was the Sunday morning breakfast ride. We had a very pleasant ride through downtown Tucson on the way to the Rincon Market. We rode by the OWS camp, it was fairly quiet there.

After breakfast we were riding home through the Dunbar Spring neighborhood. They were having a community gathering in their P-patch. This year they had three flour making machines running. These are mesquite pods that have been harvested from the desert.

Here is the mesquite flour making equipment.

They were demonstrating solar cookers. This one was maintaining 300 degrees in the sun.

The kids were really enjoying the day.

This little girl was holding an impressively large gopher snake.

Isn't he pretty?

Did everybody watch 60 Minutes? They did a piece on Grover Norquist, one of the most influential men in America, that you never elected. There was also an interview with Christine Lagarde; she's an amazing woman, currently at the helm of the IMF.

Tomorrow we're driving up to Mesa for the tow bar/braking system to be installed.

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