Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rain in the Desert

Yesterday we rode the road bikes. Yay! The new Santa Cruz River trail is open, and it's very nice having a new north south bike route. One of the southern bridges is closed, but there's a detour, so it's all good. This is me, putting the shoes on in the passenger seat of the new RV.

Today was a gruesome day in the Old Pueblo. It rained like heck! This is Tucson Boulevard where the water was pretty dang deep.

Pusch Ridge with clouds on it.

More clouds.

We're getting closer to being moved in to the RV. We still can't do anything with the basement until we get the canopy on the pickup. Once we get the bikes into the truck, everything gets taken out of the basement and assigned a location based on probability and frequency of use. Bins will be purchased to closely match available storage so that volumetric efficiency can be maximized. If the economy would pick up, I think there would be a future for me as a professional organizer, I am that good.
60 Minutes is on and we just saw a piece on why it's not illegal for members of Congress to profit from inside knowledge of financial markets which are impacted by bills they have or have not passed. It's hard to fathom how venal and corrupt US politics have become. The article is here, if you need to be further aggravated.
We went to Home Goods this afternoon and got a Calphalon air bake cookie pan for $5. One corner is a little bent, but it's ok. The cool thing is, it fits in the convection/microwave and the square frozen pizza will fit on the pan. I do miss flinging the frozen pizzas into the regular oven. However, we are confident that we will prevail over the new kitchen paradigm.
OK, here is an uplifting piece from 60 Minutes profiling a smart and good person involved in education.
So, that is about all I have to offer, over and out maties.

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  1. Allison,
    My wife and I have recently purchased a Class A RV and intend on full timing for a while. We are very interested in your organizing your RV for full timing. So we will be watching for your method. Any more thoughts would be helpful, like your comment in today’s blog. Thanks.