Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trip to Lordsburg and More Technology

Oy! Evading the tax collector is a laborious and time consuming process. The drive to Lordsburg NM was 164 miles each way. My behind feels like it's pleated from all the time in the truck. Here is Jim putting diesel in the one ton for the last time. I will miss that truck, with her heated 8 way power seats, and spacious cabin.

Interstate 10 - on the way to NM. There's a lot of space out there.

We met the out of state delivery driver at McDonalds and then drove over to the courthouse. It's a terrific old building. It houses the clerks, the judges, the trial and jury rooms, and the jail. We had the piece of paper notarized, traded vehicles and then drove back to Tucson. This is an out of business restaurant in Lordsburg.

Coming back, we got behind this.

We're not sure what they were, but they were big.

Over the last two days we have gotten our technology on. Pat from Desert Satellite came out and got our satellite receiver hooked up and working. We're using the Winegard on the roof because the installed Kingdome is too old to automatically switch between satellites. We'll either replace that at a later date, or just keep putting the carry out on the roof.
Today we received the CenturyLink modem and the phone guy came out and activated our phone connection. The Verizon mi-fi doesn't work well at all in Tucson, so that service is now suspended. So, we have satellite and wifi.

So far, the weather is not totally wonderful here, it's supposed be windy, blustery and rainy this week end. Hopefully this will not be the case all winter, snowbird weather rebates have been difficult to obtain.

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