Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mid-week Round Up

Greetings Earthlings! Was your black Friday fruitful? We gave it a pass. I personally am closing in on being done with the Christmas shopping, due to the magic of online shopping.

The climate of late has been very good in Tucson- here is an example.

I got a couple of questions about the braking system we had installed in Mesa. M & G Engineering is the company who makes the equipment. It converts air pressure to hydraulic pressure in the truck braking system. Their website is here. There's an independent product review, with pictures; that link is here. It's pretty slick, if the truck gets away from the RV while under tow, it slows itself down using a small air reservoir. According to Chevy it does not invalidate the warranty on the truck, which is good.

This week we learned a new Class A thing: put the wheel covers on when the RV is at ride height. Our site is lower at the front and on the passenger side. Getting the back passenger side wheel cover on was just a bear because the back of the coach is low and tipped towards the passenger side. The cover is on there, but it's not pretty.

Our new mattress arrived yesterday from Florida. All things are available on the web. We got it from Comfort Custom Mattresses. It's good! Ordering a mattress sight unseen was sort of unnerving but it worked out. Don and Jamie were invaluable in the effort of getting the old one out and the new one in. Progress was being made on the list of things to do and fix.

Jim has gone to Seattle. His Mom is not doing well. Last week her knee starting hurting big time. The first theory was that she was bleeding into the joint as a result of a cortisone injection. Further examination did not support this theory. Then, on the way home from the doctor's office, she totaled her car. Both airbags deployed. Mom was not hurt in the least. Given how closely she sits to the steering wheel (she's short), I can not believe that she sustained no damage from a first generation airbag, but she did not. Anyway, her knee is still killing her. Jim would like her to stop driving and move into a senior living facility, but so far she has nixed both ideas. So, he's in the cold wet, rainy GPNW to discuss her plans for the future.

Other than this, I have nothing new or interesting to report.


  1. I have noticed that when I get out of the car, I put my left leg out first and rotate the right leg around and twist my left knee. When I think about it, I turn in the seat first. But I forget till my knee is sore. If it is her left knee, maybe that would help.

  2. It's her right. She's reaching the point where driving will be too painful, especially the brake pedal.

  3. All the best for Jim's mother. Mom just loves The Forum (assisted living)and has done all sorts of activities. she just moved on Saturday.

    Good news about the mattress, so important to have a good one.