Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tour de Tucson

Today was the Tour de Tucson. It's America's largest perimeter ride. The long route is 111 miles. These two did it in 4:29:30. The guy in the red ended up second by 6/100's of a second. They were going at it hammer and tongs at the finish.

This was the first big group after the 9 or so leaders went through. They, too, were just hauling.

A tandem in one of the early finishing groups.

This is the Stanford racing team. They did not make platinum, they made gold. Platinum requires that you finish in 5 hours.

Some of the guys from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. That team does really well here, this year they had 4 out of the top 10 spots.

There were many food vendors at the finish line. I love this food cart.

Isn't this lovely? It's a house near Armory Park. Beautiful, just beautiful.

A church downtown.

A new building downtown. It's kind of cool.

Our friend Dave, of the Manitoba Fast Old Guys club, finished 18 out of 1,266 riders on the 60 mile course. Good show!

We got the canopy on the pickup today. Tomorrow we will rebuild the bike rack to go in the bed of the truck. Now that the bikes have their new home, life will be better. We have one more major push towards finalizing the configuration (tow bar with braking system) and then we move in to maintenance mode.

Update: Barry Bonds (baseball) and Bill Walton (basketball) did the ride. Pretty cool.

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