Monday, May 6, 2013

More Wind and Now Rain

Enough wind!  Enough already!  Today started out looking promising from a climate perspective.  We decided to saddle up and see if I could make it to the Ashram.  As we headed out towards the Sierras it started looking more and more threatening.  We gave up.  It was raining where we were going.

Coming back we saw this on the road.  It's either a Model T or A.  It's beautifully restored.

Given how unsettled the weather was, we decided to abandon any thoughts of hiking.  I hate hiking in the rain.  I did that in Seattle, I'm done with that.  We decided to have a civil engineering field trip and look at the sewage treatment plant that was built for Manzanar.  When the internees arrived, they had no provisions for waste management.  In the early days, suboptimal solutions led to contamination of ground water, e. coli infections and dysentery outbreaks.  Since the camp's water source was all gravity fed with a very good flow rate, no pumping was required.  The government was able to quickly construct a treatment plant and pipe waste to it, 4,600 feet down hill.
This is the road we drove out to the site.  It's good to have 4-wheel drive!  There was a lot of soft sand.
The abandoned site.  I will spare you the close up shots.

When we left, the clouds were continuing their march down the mountain sides, and we saw a flock of birds in the distance.  They're on the right side of the photo.  The temperature dropped and the wind picked up.  It's not as bad as yesterday, but we still have the slides in. 

We're not sure what is on the schedule for tomorrow, the weather report changes twice a day, so it's difficult to make plans.There could be a march to the Ashram or there might be a trip to Death Valley.  I'm getting a little stir crazy.

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  1. My goodness you are getting some weather! We've just got very occasional rain and spotty wind in Cedar Crest, NM.

    That's probably a Model A...I think Model T's have a crank starter in front.