Monday, May 21, 2018

Twin Falls, ID to Boise, ID

Today was a short day.  Basically you’re on I84 for all of it.  It was good, we’re tired.  We’re going to have to rethink these marathon dashes across the country.  Actually, we did have plans to go other places and then mosey on up to Harrisburg, but then we were overtaken by events. 

Much of it is not so interesting.  There was a lot of this.


Once we reached the Boise outskirts the traffic picked up and got crazy.  Look at the burgundy car, notice the car in front of it that is 90 degrees from the direction of every one else’s travel.


This guy started out on the right hand side of the freeway.  For some reason he did a 360 degree spin and then crossed all lanes of the freeway.  Nobody hit him!  He hit the barrier very gently, put his car into reverse and then drove away.  This scared me to death.  If there had been a collision, probability was high that we would be involved.


We were in early enough that we could do a neighborhood walk.  The street ends at an area of trails for hikers and mountain bikers.


The neighborhood is rigorously landscaped.  I think this is a peony.  They’re just lovely.


We’re back at Hi Valley RV Park, where we have stayed in 2014 and 2017.  Most of the permanent residents that were here last year remain.  It’s still a nice looking park.  It’s not so great for an overnight because it is six excruciating miles from the freeway, full of traffic and traffic lights.


  1. It sure wasn't that guy's time was it. Boise traffic is a mess. We'll be staying in Emmett, a little north of Boise.

  2. So glad you weren't involved in an accident. It's scary when you have a close one like that!