Saturday, May 19, 2018

Kingman, AZ to Ely, NV

Today was a veeeeeerry long day.  It was windy for most of the day.  And we had to go through Las Vegas.  Las Vegas offends me.  We drove I40 to US93 to I515 through Las Vegas, north on US93, to NV318 to US6 to US50.  We’ve done part of the route southbound before, but today we got to drive over the new bridge near Hoover Dam.

There was scenery.


The approach to the new Hoover Dam by-pass.  People used to be able to drive across the dam.  I never did that when I lived here and I wish I had.  Here is a quote from wikipedia.
There are two lanes for automobile traffic across the top of the dam, which formerly served as the Colorado River crossing for U.S. Route 93. In the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, authorities expressed security concerns and the Hoover Dam Bypass project was expedited. Pending the completion of the bypass, restricted traffic was permitted over Hoover Dam. Some types of vehicles were inspected prior to crossing the dam while semi-trailer trucks, buses carrying luggage, and enclosed-box trucks over 40 ft (12 m) long were not allowed on the dam at all, and were diverted to U.S. Route 95 or Nevada State Routes 163/68. The four-lane Hoover Dam Bypass opened on October 19, 2010.
It can be really windy through that area.  There are signs that high profile vehicles should stay in the left lane.  We’re assuming that the prevailing winds are from the left and if your vehicle is pushed, at least there is a lane to get pushed into.


Lake Mead, formed by the Hoover Dam.


This giant Love’s is at the turn off to US93 from I15.  We stopped for fuel, it’s good to have a full tank when heading out into the great wide open.


This is an Advanced Trucking truck.  See on the side of the truck, it says “Love for all, hatred for none.”  Drivers own their trucks and decide where they want to drive.  After seeing the W. Kamau Bell special on the Sikh religion, I strongly suspect that the owner is a Sikh.  Their religion is one of love and protection of people who need help.  One of the things they said on the show is that if someone is stalking you to rob you, run to a Sikh, they’ll try to protect you.  I like that idea, I hope it’s true.


US93 is the Great Basin Highway.  It’s out there.


I took this on the turn off to NV318.  It’s also out there.


This is good!  Getting fuel in Ely used to be difficult.  Now there is a Love’s at the corner of US6 and US50.


We’re on our way to Harrisburg to get our slide seals on the forward slides replaced.  They leak when it rains.  Of course it is raining in the desert in Nevada.


  1. We are going to take three days to make that trip. So you did have a very very long day. Loved your picture with the beautiful clouds.

  2. I notice the gas is over $3/gal out there. It just went up to $2.99 here. We are heading to NC the first week in June for two weeks, and it is going to be an expensive trip. When we bought Pearl in Jan. 2016, gas was around $2 a gallon. This will actually be the most we've ever paid for fuel!