Wednesday, May 9, 2018

More Hot and Wildlife

Here is a screen shot from my phone.  So far, I’m doing ok with the heat, except when we’re in the RV.  The best the a/c can do is drop the temperature 20 degrees from the outside, so it’s hot.


The first bird block we bought was unsuitable. So it was back to Lowes to pick up wood to box in the aforementioned cross member in the patio ceiling.  The wretched doves are trying to build a nest on it.  Their nest building is just sad, they drag a bunch of twigs up there, lay them on the flat surface, and then the wind gets them and knocks them all to the ground.  We also discovered that the ladder at the house wasn’t tall enough, so that meant a trip to the RV to get the eight footer.  It was a classic case of everything takes longer than you think it will.

Here is Jim, thwarting the reproductive desires of the doves.   He was up and down the ladder a lot as we were fine tuning our measurements with a skill saw.  They fit very nicely.


The final product.  We’ll probably stain them in the fall.  It’s too hot to deal with stain at the moment.  The doves are funny.  They kept coming back to that cross member and you could tell they were trying to figure out what had happened.


This is our back yard.  That is a round tailed ground squirrel.  I really hope we are not going to be having a version of Caddyshack with these adorable but destructive little animals.  Look at those ears, cute cute cute.  We think we can see where they are living, which is two doors down from us.


This is a yucca growing in the RV park.  Look at the size of that thing!


It’s always amazing to me that such an unattractive plant can produce this.


We’re running out of stuff to do at the house.  We’ve been spending afternoons there reading photo albums or hanging around Lowes and Target to stay on our feet and stay in air conditioning.  The last piece of furniture arrives May 12. We may leave after that.  We’re bored, we’re hot; call me a wahmbulance. 

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