Friday, May 18, 2018

Tucson to Kingman AZ

The drive from Tucson to Kingman has some tedium.  We went I10W to AZ303 on the far west side of Phoenix, to AZ60 and then US93.

This is the new over pass at Ina Road in Tucson.  This project closed the bike trail and is keeping it closed for a very long time.  They’re rerouting the freeway to go underneath the new over pass.  I think the purpose is to remove a level grade crossing of the double track main line.


Here we are in the Phoenix megalopolis.  It’s just amazing to me how the various small towns that used to exist have now been subsumed into one mass.  It’s also clear where most of the state’s tax dollars for highways goes.  It’s not Tucson!


A car dealer somewhere in the Phoenix area.  Cows and cars are king in the southwest.


The 303 is now open in Phoenix.  It is a beautiful new highway on the far west side that goes along agricultural fields, light industry and new housing developments.  One wonders if that highway was put in because that is where growth is going, or if that’s where the city movers and shakers want to encourage growth.  Or maybe it’s the only place left to put a freeway.  Anyway, it was much nicer than driving surface streets from the 101 to get to highway 60.


Both AZ60 and US93 have sections of really terrible pavement.  Interestingly enough there is a Joshua Tree forest out there.  We’ve been down that road before, but neither one of us remembered seeing them.


Sorry about the poor photo quality.  The dead bugs on the windshield make it difficult for the camera to focus.  You can sort of make out the large number of yuccas.  What was also interesting was a sign that said that US93 would be part of the future I11.  Yep, that’s Interstate 11.  A new route is being proposed from Phoenix to Las Vegas, with future extensions to Nogales, AZ and Canada.  I think pigs will fly before that happens, but it would be nice if it could be easier to get to Las Vegas than it is.


A canyon along the way.


It’s not a terrible route.  There is some up down but it’s not completely awful.

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