Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New Slide Toppers and Leaving the House

Well, we have three more sleeps in Tucson and then we are up and out to the GPNW.  We’re arriving earlier than usual this year because we just could not get excited about going anywhere.  We were briefly excited about Capitol Reef, but then we bought the house.  So all of that went out the window.  It’s weird being in a house.  I’m used to having everything fall to hand.  I get the wet dishes out of the dish drainer, dry them and put them away without moving my feet more than two steps.  Now there is walking involved.  I am not looking forward to unloading stuff out of the RV into the house.  The organizational paradigm is totally different.  By the time we get it nailed down, it’ll be time to leave again.  We were talking to our neighbors who moved in during a January and left in May.  When they came back they had no memory of where anything was.

In addition to loading the house up with stuff, there was RV maintenance.  Our slide toppers were giving it up.  The driver’s side bedroom topper was pulling itself out of its moorings; and so the slide had to stay in for awhile.  It makes the bedroom really small.  Ken and Rachel were out last Friday to install them.  I am really glad we did not attempt to do that ourselves.


It used to be that slide toppers were sized to give multiple wraps on the rollers.  Carefree has changed their sizing paradigm, now there is half a wrap.  Since we have the shrouds, it’s ok because you don’t see bare metal.  If you don’t have the shroud, order long so you can at least wrap once so it will look better.


Another accursed piece of furniture requiring assembly.  This was the work of the devil.  After loosely installing two legs, the bottom shelf with drawer was brought up and held by the assistant and then the other two legs were installed to hold it up.  There are no words in the directions, only pictures.  After we got the leg sequence sorted out, it wasn’t too bad.  There are sufficient screws and no accursed dowels in this one.


There it is, turning the corner formed by the two love seats.  That’s my recliner in the background.  The end table is still off gassing, so we’re not putting anything on it until we return so as not to impede the progress of losing the smell of wood stain.


View from the living room into the kitchen.  Note there is tile in there.  There is also a corner desk unit.  I think I like it, small sewing projects can be done there.  Electronics can be charged and we can get a bigger printer.  As with all horizontal surfaces, eternal vigilance is required to prevent clutter.


View from the garage.  It has been windy, more so than usual. 


The late blooming cactus in the RV park are just lovely.  Many park model owners never get to see the blossoms because they leave early.


I love these.


So that’s about it.  Tomorrow we’re going out to water and run the irrigation system one last time and put the patio furniture in the garage.  Then it will be time to reconfigure the RV to travelling mode after sitting for awhile.  I’m hoping it’s like riding a bicycle and it all comes back to us.  We’re taking the Nevada route since we have vowed never to drive I5 through California again.


  1. It is a pain to move into the Bungalow from our big trailer but once we get on the road, it's worth it. I like the drive through Nevada. We will be doing it sometime when we can get out of here. We'll be going up the east side to Idaho. Jim's eyes are doing great and he's really glad he had them done.

    1. Glad to hear his eyes are good. That's so encouraging. The roads in Nevada are surprisingly good, unlike CA.

  2. Yes...all the walking! Also, staying on top of clutter is key (as I take note of how much clutter is in the house I am in at the moment and vow never to own massive quantities of stuff again, even in a house).

    1. Receipts are the worse. I have a stack of filing to do before we can leave. It's all piled up on the microwave. Add to that all the paper that Medicare sends and it's a tsunami of paper.

  3. It must feel a bit odd to just get moved into a house and then be leaving so soon. But I guess it's the time of year. Hope all will be well on the road!

    1. We have never done this before, leave a house for months. It's sort of unnerving.

  4. Thought maybe you would stay in Tucson longer now that you have the house, but I guess it is getting pretty hot there. The house is looking nice inside. I like all of the windows.
    Safe travels!