Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Boise, ID to Redmond, OR

Today was better than we had been expecting.  I have written notes on my atlas and my Mountain Directory West about how terrible the route between Ontario and Juntura was.  They paved!  We took I84 to exit 374 in Oregon toward 20 west.  There is a Love’s at exit 374 and it’s a good place to fill up before heading out into the great wide open.  We came up the back roads to Redmond and avoided the terrible traffic in Bend.  We’re back at the Deschutes Country Fairgrounds RV park.

The drive starts out with mass agriculture.


From Ontario to Juntura is very hilly with a lot of curves.  But the road is better than it was.



After Juntura, it gets flat and remote again.  We were talking during the interminable drive about how remote the area is and how there is nothing out there.


About six to eight miles west of Millican, there is a two mile 6% downgrade that is not signed.  It was a sneaky little hill.  Please make a note of this.

We made good time with the improved road surfaces.  Tomorrow will be a shorter day, and we’re happy about that.

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