Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ely, NV to Twin Falls, ID

It’s a straight shot up US93.  The road surface is pretty good until you get about 20 miles from Twin Falls.  Between the construction and two foot drop offs on the side of the road, it’s somewhat harrowing.  It won’t last forever.

It’s pretty out there.


What there IS to be concerned about is animals.  There are signs for pronghorns, deer and elk.


We saw the first pronghorn standing on the right side of the road.  He proceeded to move towards us.  As we rolled over the rumble strip it made him start and then he moved to the right and we did not hit him.  Scared me to death.  The second pronghorn was on the right side of the road, crossed and kept going to the left.  He then kneeled and went under the barbed wire fence.  Pronghorns do not like to jump.  They evolved to run fast in an environment of low bushes.  Read this article if you don’t believe me!


The signs are also up for deer migration.  We noticed that the fences in the migration areas are much higher than the standard three wire fence, and they’re put in wildlife migration corridors over the roadway.


This is the outskirts of Twin Falls.  it goes from sage brush to agricultural land almost instantaneously.


It was enough day.  We’re only going to Boise tomorrow.  Jim needs a break.  We’re back at the Twin Falls 93 RV Park, where we have previously stayed.

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