Monday, May 28, 2018

Guaranty RV Park

While in Harrisburg for maintenance, we stayed at the Guaranty RV Park.  Here is a park map for your reading enjoyment.


I have mixed feelings about this “park.” 

The Good:  Power is good, water pressure is good.  Since Guaranty is in Junction City and not Harrisburg, the water quality is good.  The RV park wi-fi is actually good.  We did not turn the jet pack on the entire time we were there.  We were parked by a repeater, so I do not know what it would be like farther away.  Interior roads are paved, sites are concrete and fairly wide.

The Bad:  Look at the map, see where it shows “check in lane” on the upper right side?  More often than not, that lane is full of an RV with a maintenance ticket in the windshield or an RV for sale.  We ended up taking the next turn to the south, driving against the directional arrow, and going in that way.  From the signs it is not really clear what you are supposed to do when turning off 93.  Once in the park, we called the office and asked what site we were one (E3) and parked.  Eventually we walked back to the travel center to check in.  The other bad is the fact that the four washer/dryers are in the travel center in the very back of the store.  I hate walking through retail establishments with my dirty drawers. There is road noise due to heavier traffic on 93.  There are many trains and grade crossings where the engineers must blow their horns repeatedly, some of them are in the middle of the night.  Although sites are concrete, you will have to level, we were low on the driver’s side and on the nose.  Utilities are at the back of the site, if you’re a Class A towing you will probably have to unhook the towed vehicle.

The Ugly:  There are no showers – anywhere.  It’s not a big deal for us but it is for people who use their showers for storage, or have wet bathrooms.  The lady who runs the RV park leaves at 4:00.  After that time, no one can check you in, you look at the map of open spaces and go to one.  You pay in the morning.  I don’t know what time the RV lady come to work, but when we were there she was the only person who could accept payment for a site.

It’s my belief that they built the RV park for people who are in for service.  If you’re having work done by Guaranty then it’s extremely convenient.  Plus you don’t have the horrific water that is in Harrisburg.  We would probably go back, it’s 15 minutes from where we go for maintenance and it was nice having decent water.



  1. Despite the negatives, it doesn't look bad at all if you are there for service, especially. Cost?

  2. It's $45 a night, no discounts for anybody.