Saturday, May 26, 2018

Eugene Saturday Market

We had given some thought to driving to the coast, but it would have been a long time in the truck.  Tomorrow will be a long drive to Issaquah, probably with stop and go traffic starting in Olympia.  I really hate that drive. 

So we went to the market.  This trailer was on the street.  I have no idea what it is.  The graphics on it are pretty good.


There was also a farmer’s market.  The white round vegetable are called “salad turnips.”  I have not seen them before.  They’re similar to radishes, and don’t need to be cooked.


The peonies are just gorgeous.


More gorgeousness.


French breakfast radishes.


We saw these shoes in the window of St. Vincent's (it’s a thrift store).  Do they not look uncomfortable?


This another shot of the crafts side of the market.  On the right, pretty far back is the drumming section.  There were a lot of people sitting on the ground smoking pot.  I guess the local police aren’t bothered by this because no one was looking furtive at all.  The kid fore ground appears to be homeless.  The number of hippies in Eugene is always amusing.  I guess the hippies from the 70’s are handing down the tie-dye and the vibe.


It was interesting.  The weather was much better than it has been, so it was a good day for it.

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  1. Love the paintings on the truck -- and the peonies! We enjoyed visiting Eugene on our big round-the-US-in-a-Honda tour in 2014. Cool vibe and excellent restaurants!