Friday, May 18, 2018

Kingman KOA Journey

While overnighting in Kingman, we stayed at the KOA.  It’s called a Journey because it’s not a place a person would consider a destination resort.

GPS directed us to take exit 53 off US93.  If you are a 40 foot class A towing a pickup truck, don’t do this.  See the left turn bottom right, down there by the Flying J Travel Center?  That’s a tough turn to make if people are making a left out of that side street.  The curb there is pretty black from people running their tires along the curb.  We lucked out, and the car coming up to make a left stayed back and gave us room.  Instead, use the next exit to the west.  Then you can go up Stockholm and go right on Kino. 

kingman koa

The KOA is ok for an overnight.  Roads and sites are dirt.  Right after we pulled up there was a very impressive dust devil in the middle of the park.  Power is good, water pressure is ok.  We have four bars of Verizon LTE.  The HWH was required to level, we were low in the front and on the driver’s side.  Staff is friendly and helpful.  The kid that drives the golf cart offered to help us with the utilities.  Water, power and sewer are grouped together about mid site.  Fifteen feet of sewer hose were required.  We’re on site 64 and there are no pesky overhanging trees to interfere with satellite.

By and large Kingman is not an attractive area, and neither is the KOA.

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