Sunday, September 29, 2013

Into the Maelstrom that is the GPNW

The weather was kind to us this morning, it did not rain on us during departure. Happy we were about that. 
If you're in a Class A, does the space between your driver and passenger chairs look like this?  I need to apply some organization to our traveling paradigm.  It's not so bad when we're not forced to wear shoes, but still.

It was a windy drive, I think it was the worst day so far, because it was very gusty.  Look out there on the lake, see the white streaks?  Those are whitecaps, there were waves on the beach.

The wind turbines near Vantage were all moving.  The clouds were starting to gather as we headed west, into a big fat weather system.

Coming down Snoqualmie Pass.  Parking the bus and doing utilities was just the pits.  I hate wet arrivals, HATE HATE HATE.

Yesterday set a new record for wettest day in Seattle in September.  This usually doesn't happen until late October or November.  I think it's for me, since I'm back.

Starting about 7 pm tonight the coast is supposed to receive 70 mph gusts, we are expecting 55 mph gusts inland.  Our site is fairly sheltered by other RVs, so we are hoping not to have to bring the slides in.

Why, you ask, would any sane person come back to the GPNW at the end of September?   It's for the accursed foot.  Tomorrow morning there will be an MRI.  If there is, indeed, a neuroma in there, surgery is scheduled for the 9th.  It has just reached the point, that even after the monumental disaster that was the previous surgery on the right foot, I'm just done with the left foot being like this.  I can't hike for hours, I can't buy shoes, it just makes me nuts.
For those of you not blessed with thin flexible feet, a Morton's neuroma is formed when the sensory nerve (as opposed to a motor nerve) between the 3th and 4th metatarsal heads is repeatedly impacted by the met heads.  They aggravate the nerve, it forms a sheath, it swells, it hurts.  As a rule, they don't get better.  Surgery, when done well, is a reasonable response.

So that's what's new with  us. Rain and feet.


  1. Sorry about the rainy welcome Seattle poured on you. I wondered if you were returning there because of medical follow-ups for your foot. Hope all goes well with the diagnosis and treatment/surgery. Pain is no fun!

    p.s. I finally bought a canvas tote from T.J. Maxx to put behind the driver's seat for our shoes.

  2. That first picture is so funny! We don't start that way but we sure end that way. By the time I drag out the Next Exit book and the Atlas, my Kindle, computer, and then shoes, we have quite a pile. I like everything within my reach which is the floor!

    The NWC certainly has gotten pounded with rain. Sure hope it lets up soon.

    Good Luck with your foot. Thanks for the explanation. You definitely can't enjoy biking and hiking with pain.

  3. Here's hoping everything goes well with your foot. I can appreciate your active person NEEDS to be active!

  4. I know, it's ridiculous here right now! Ark-building time. I hope your surgery goes well. I have Morton's neuroma too, but it isn't terrible yet. . .