Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jim and Mary's RV Park

While in Missoula, we stayed at Jim and Mary's RV Park, based on Lisa of Metamorphosis Road's review.  It is a lovely park and we were happy to be there.  Someone there is a master gardener, the grounds were just lovely.

We were in F2, which was very close to the freeway.  There was surprisingly not a lot of noise.  The Fx row is ideal if you have a roof mounted satellite dish that wants to see the southern sky.  I think the C and B rows would be tough for satellite reception.  Our pull through was very long, we were able to back the truck in right in front of the RV without having to be on an angle.

We had very good Verizon 4G coverage there.  It was a nice park and we would definitely go back to it.  If they're full, there is a Jellystone right across the way, but we are not really their target demographic.

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  1. :-) Glad you liked it...and yes, I don't think Jellystone or the KOA fits our demographic!