Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rain, Fish and Feet in the GPNW

The climate in the GPNW is not as terrible as it was over the weekend.  Tuesday we were able to get out for about an hour's walk in Issaquah.  That's Jim walking over the Issaquah Creek bridge amid the leaf muck.  The horizontal(ish) element is a partially downed tree branch.

Today we went over to Bellevue Square to mall walk.  We really need to stop doing that, we're engaging in way too much entertainment shopping.  I will say that recently I was finally able to find a pair of jeans after searching for months - $20!  Today's entertainment was a new toaster.
Afterwards, we went out to the fish hatchery.  The fish are coming home.

Some were doing a backflip.

Others just performed a straight on launch at the weir.

This morning we discovered the carpet next to the wall, near the driver's seat is wet.  We think it might be due to water running off the top of the slide when we brought it in when we left Spokane.  There's no water on the wall. We're running the space heater at it to dry it out.  I'm using hangers to hold the carpet on the slide up, and as a ramp to tilt the heater.

I spoke briefly to the podiatrist's office staff today, the results of the MRI are in.  I have not one, but TWO neuromas.  TWO!  Count them, TWO!  They're in the spaces between the 2nd & 3rd and 3rd and 4th metatarsals.  It's no wonder my dang foot hurts.  We have to get up early tomorrow to go have a pre-op appointment with the podiatrist.  While the thought of more anesthesia is not a good thought, the idea of pain free walking is very seductive.  After surgery, maybe there will be new shoes, maybe there will be cute shoes.  That would be cool.

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  1. Great pics of the salmon jumping out of the water!

    Good luck with your foot surgery.