Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Pools in Yellowstone

Miracle of miracles, it was not raining this morning.  We decided that since we were at Yellowstone, we really needed to go see Old Faithful.  Lunches were packed, and fortunately so was the rain gear.  By the time we arrived at the visitor's center it was raining.  After standing around for 20 minutes waiting for the geyser, it was really raining.  Very disappointing.  There was so much steam that the water was indistinguishable from the water vapor.  We had discussed going to the West Thumb geyser basin, but the skies were really dark in that direction, so we bailed.
On the way back we stopped at the Midway Geyser Basin, which is the home of the Grand Prismatic Spring.  I personally think it's one of the most amazing sights in the park.  Unfortunately we could not see it due to steam.  This is our view.

These are images I swiped from the internet. Look at the color of it!

As seen from the air.

Some of the other pools in the basin were more visible.

It's amazing how much hot water is flowing out of that area into the river.  It's a wonder all of the fish are not poached.

Then we decided to take the Firehole Lake Drive.  It totally exceeded expectations.  First we saw this pretty little pool by the side of the road.

Another pool.

The White Dome Geyser.  The sign said it has been there for centuries, depositing minerals.

This is the Young Hopeful Geyser.  It was a very attractive little geyser, just bubbling away.

Another pool.

Then it was off to the Fountain Flat Drive.  It's an ok drive, but it did have the advantage of having a bison out in the field.

We had lunch along the river.  It was very pleasant.

If you go, we heartily endorse visiting the Midway Geyser Basin and the Firehole Lake Drive. 

Tomorrow we are up and out, heading east toward Sturgis.  We must return to the state to renew our drivers' licenses.


  1. I totally agree with you...not to miss these areas! The Prismatic Pool is beyond gorgeous. The colors are so beautiful. There is a hiking trail that runs behind the pool. You can climb up the side of this mega steep hill and look down on the Prismatic Pool's beauty and color. We got some fantastic shots. Thanks so much for bringing back so many wonderful memories:)

  2. I have never been to Yellowstone before and know we will have to make some selective choices about where to go. Thanks to your photos, the Prismatic Pool is now high on the list.