Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Tale of Woe from Garryowen

Greetings from Garryowen, Montana.  I am a grumpy human.  Actually I am beyond grumpy, and am severely chuffed.  Allow me to complain a bit.
We're at the 7th Ranch Campground.  We came here because we wanted to see the Little Bighorn  National Monument, aka where Custer met his end. The park is built as terraces on a hillside.  Our first site was nose down, and it dropped off on the right.  The HWH could level, but the frame was so twisted the bay doors were hitting the slide skirt.  Not good.  The second site was better.  If we could go outside, the views are pretty spectacular, but I can't.  It's sort of like being in a bad science fiction movie, there are wasps everywhere.  They're the kind that dangle their feet and kind of hover.  They are just creeping me out.

 The flying stinging things are very fond of these flowers.

Then, then!!!!!! Jim was perfecting our position in the site and he asked me if the entry way step was retracting.  Why no, not it was not.  The wretched thing has broken.  We can hear the motor grinding away, but it's not moving.  Until that step gets pushed back in to the bus, we're not moving, either.
Remember last August when we had the existential crisis with bus repairs?  At that time I called my insurance agent to have Coach-net coverage added to my RV policy.  Can do, he says, typing away, all done.  So I called them today to have someone sent out; nope, they have no record of us having that coverage.  WTH?  We also have Good Sam, so I called them.  They called at 3:45 to say someone from Pat's Mobile would be out in 75 minutes.  It's been four hours and the tech has just now arrived.
And, there is the water.  It's from a deep aquifer and it is so soft it's just revoltingly slimy.  The Brita is having no luck making it taste ok.  I see much bottled water in our future.

Six pm - it was 98 degrees.

So, after reading the RV blogs that I follow, I have determined that everyone is having fun except me.  How pitiful was that last statement?  Sorry.
Anyway, it could be worse, this could have happened at a rest stop, or at a freeway scenic viewpoint.  It could have been so much worse than it is.  At least we're in a full hookup site.  We have slack in our schedule for the return to Seattle, so the situation is not yet dire.  I will say this, we are NEVER driving to South Dakota again.  It's too steenking far!
There was no America's Cup racing today, the wind was from the wrong direction for the course. I think we're giving up on seeing the rest of the series.  At the rate they are going with weather delays, they'll be finishing up around Halloween.

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