Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blue Anchor RV Park

RV parks in the panhandle of Idaho (on I90) are few.  I think the Blue Anchor is probably the best if you are a large RV.  There is the Wallace RV park, but reviews suggest that if you're longer than 35 feet you should rethink.
We were in a pull through.  The HWH was able to level easily.  Despite being very close to the freeway, the noise is not that bad.  Traffic really drops off at night.  The man who runs the park is very nice, he walked us out and showed us where we would be parking.

Originally we had planned to be here in June, but he was 100% booked for the entire month.  I don't know if this happens every June, but it's something to keep in mind.
It's not a beautiful park.  The sites are pretty close together.  It was, however, quiet and there was no burning of firewood.  If we're back this way again, we would stay again.

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  1. I finally caught up with your posts and hope that you are headed to Glacier. We are in Polson on Flathead Lake now and moving up to Glacier on Saturday where we will be for a week.