Tuesday, September 24, 2013

7th Ranch Campground

While in Garryowen to visit the Little Bighorn National Monument, we stayed at the 7th Ranch Campground.  Over all it's a nice RV park.  It's built on the side of a hill, so you drive up to your site.  Most sites are fairly level, our first site was not doable, but we moved one up the hill and it was fine.

Here's the bad.  The sites on the eastern most edge of the park are difficult to exit.  You must trace an acute angle to leave.  Since we are a 40 foot Class A, we were forced to back out of the site in order to get on an interior road to exit.  This was complicated by the presence of decorative boulders.  Other sites don't have this issue, if you're 40 feet or more, I would avoid that side of the park.  The water is unbelievably bad, it is so soft.  Showering felt like a life threatening activity because the floor was so slippery.  However, it doesn't spot!  It tastes really bad, we had to go buy bottled water and ice.

The people running the park could not be nicer.  They escort you to the site, and assist with parking.  The Verizon Jet Pack was weird, it would cycle between 3G and 4G, and the 3G was actually better.  Satellite reception was excellent.  It's a nice looking park.  There was very little noise from the freeway or the railroad tracks.  You will hear some mooing from the local cows.
If you go, take food, there are no shopping opportunities.  Take bottled water and ice, as well.

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