Saturday, September 28, 2013

Spokane RV Resort

How you feel about the Alderwood RV Resort will very likely depend on the size of your RV.  It's an old park, built before the advent of giant RVs with giant slide outs.  Sites are about 9 feet wide.  When we came in we were instructed to get the right tires on the concrete curb that defines the site so we could put out our slides.  Walking through the park, there are multiple RVs with slides right up against trees.
Due to the narrowness of the patio, one gets half a picnic table.

This is our big slide, it's difficult to see, but we're up against a maple in the back, and the landscaping is such that we can not open any of the storage bay doors with the slide out.

This is Jim getting the grill out, with the pull out tray in a tree.

I get that it's an old park, however if they would take the plantings between the sites and most of those wretched trees, people could put their slides out.  It's a new world, prune accordingly!  Some trees could be kept, but the ones that are growing into the sites really need to go, as do the ugly bushes that are growing everywhere.  They're over run with grass, add nothing to the ambiance of the park, and limit access to the storage bays.
Having said all that, I will say that the staff is friendly and welcoming. Our site is too short for the bus and the pickup, so the manager let us park in the slot not used by one of the "cabins."  There is a small swimming pool if you like that.
Satellite reception is good, the Jet Pack is running 4G which ranges from good to slow.
We would not come back.  Actually we would not come back to Spokane, period. There is stuff to see and do outside, but it's just not a destination for us.  RVparksreview reveals that all of the parks around here get poor ratings. Originally we had intended to go to a new RV park in Deer Park.  A failure on my part to read and comprehend the map caused us to not grasp how far away it is from Spokane. It's about 30 miles out.  That's what caused us to stay here, after driving and driving and driving we decided that was stupid and washed up here. 
As I previously mentioned, we're about 10 miles north of the freeway.  There is no good way to get to the freeway.  All routes are through suburban sprawl with plenty of traffic lights.  If events compel you to come here, try not to arrive after 4 pm on a weekday so that you can avoid the epic traffic jams.


  1. We were not big fans of our stay in Spokane. Maybe the best part was having to stay in a motel because our coach repairs at Freightliner were delayed by two days! The campground we stayed at near Cheney, Ponderosa Falls RV Resort, wasn't too bad though.

  2. We stayed at the Spokane RV Resort in Deer Park when we visited the area. Yes, it was outside town but the drive in wasn't bad at all. The park was well worth the extra driving. We had a pull in site that overlooked the beautiful golf course. Sites were double wide concrete pads. We extended our stay just to enjoy the park a little. If get to the area again do check it out.