Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last Day in Missoula

Yesterday we took the mountain bikes out and rode up to the Franklin Bridge in the Rattlesnake Wilderness.  It's a bumpy ride!  The rocks are not huge, so they can be ridden uphill, but they will definitely leave your insides shaken.
Here is Jim on a little bridge.

Here is the water under the Franklin Bridge.  The trail is an old ranch road that follows the river up stream.

When we got back to the parking lot, we saw three deer.  The other two are off to the right, out of the frame.  A car came by and they ran away, so I only got the one.  There are a lot of deer out there.

Today was sort of a bummer.  My left foot is giving me fits.  The metatarsal pad, used to mitigate the neuroma, is hurting my foot.  If I walk without the pad, my foot hurts.  If I walk with the pad my foot hurts differently.  After having my heart fixed in April, we had really planned to return to fast hiking over hill and dale, but no, I am now having the bad foot.  I feel like an RV, it's always something.
Tomorrow we are up and out, heading for West Yellowstone. 


  1. I guess getting old is like an RV. You are right about there always being something. Hope you foot heals soon.

    Enjoy Yellowstone, one of my favorite places!!

  2. Darn those feet! You should check out mnkcusa.blogspot.com. They just finished two weeks in Yellowstone. You are in for a treat!