Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trail Review: Explorer Trail

Yesterday we hiked the Explorer Trail.  To find this trail, park in the Fiesta area lot at the Kennedy Park on the west side of La Cholla, go towards the back of the park, then walk up the El Paso Natural Gas Company right of way towards 44th Street.  When you see the cluster of mobile homes, look to your left.

This is the start of the trail.  In my humble opinion, this is THE WORST TRAIL EVER.  We did see mountain bike tire tracks, but I personally can not conceive of riding over the rubble strewn trail.  For about 45 minutes we followed the trail under the power lines, hoping it would get better.

There is a connecting single track trail that goes to the Cat Mountain trail.  It is slightly more interesting than the power line section of trail, but only marginally so.

It winds its way through the saguaros for awhile.  It's not a ridge trail or side hill, it's mainly in a valley.

We reached the Cat Mountain trail, noticed we were close to Ajo, and then turned around to go home.  This is more of the rockiness that we experienced.

So, I say to you, hike somewhere else.  It's a slog through loose rocks and there is nothing really interesting to see.

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