Saturday, December 22, 2012

Road Riding & Life Improvement

This is a park model which is being renovated.  I don't understand the economics of this.  About all that is left is the metal frame underneath the right hand side, the floor and the wall studs.  The new roof trusses went on this week.  I've always wondered if it wouldn't be cheaper just to buy a new one.  Apparently not, since this is not the first total gut remodel we've seen in the park.

We rode up the Santa Cruz trail, to the Rillito trail, and then back down Mountain.  When we came to the main gate, this is what we saw.  University at Park is closed for a block, the road has been removed.  We're not sure what they're doing.  On the bright side, the rest of the streetcar wok on University is done, and they repaved down to 4th Avenue.  It is a delightful riding experience, however brief.

That was today, three days before Christmas and we were able to ride in shorts and jerseys.  Sometimes, it's just surreal being here when the weather is good.  Unfortunately, the GPNW keeps sending us their weather disturbances, so we'll enjoy it while we can.
Speaking of weather disturbances, if you're RVing where the nights are cold, and you are on shore power, get thee to the store and buy an electric blanket.  This thing has greatly improved life because it heats up the sheets.  It is beyond me why it took us 5 winters to buy one. No more cold sheets!

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