Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Gun Show and the Historic Barrio

Today was an interesting day.  We went to a gun show.  I've always wanted to go to one.  I am so disappointed that photography was forbidden.  Forbidden!  It was such a target rich environment for pictures and I could not capture the absolute bizarreness of the entire experience.  It was like being in another country.  There were tables lined up with hand guns, rifles, semi-automatics, really cheesy knives, camo, big flashlights, cheap jewelry; and everywhere there were men lusting over armament.  Due to Arizona's lax gun laws, many patrons were wearing their side arms on their belts.  Comfortingly, there were signs posted that said side arms had to be unloaded before entering the show.  No one, however, was verifying this.  So we wandered around for awhile, two west coast liberals, trying not to to make eye contact with anyone, and then we decided we'd had it so we left.  I am just sorry I could not bring you pictures.  You'll have to go to a gun show to see what I mean.
I read someone's blog recently talking about visiting the Old Town Artisans.  After the gun show, we decided we would go there.  Here is an apricot colored bougainvillea next to where we parked.  Is it not lovely?

The entrance to the shops.

There are about five connecting shops full of pots, art and etc.  This is a tree in one of the shops.

The Virgin of Guadalupe.  She's everywhere in Tucson.  The store was full of cool stuff.  We have a non-acquisition fatwa in place, so we bought nothing.

It's in a very cool part of town. We're ridden by it many times, but have never turned off and explored it.  It's gentrified barrio, part of what's left of the old neighborhood after it was demolished to build the convention center.  This is one of the walls of El Charro.

Refurbished adobe houses.

A tree with fuzzy yellow balls on it.  It smelled really sweet.

We were looking at this house, and the owner came out of the gate.  We were complimenting him on how beautiful it was, and he allowed as how during wedding season he frequently comes out of his door and finds wedding parties being photographed  by the gate.

Another attractive front door.

One of the old government buildings in Tucson.

It was a good day.  First we were beamed to another country, then we had a good walk in the historic barrio.  Tomorrow I think we'll get back on the road bikes.  I'm still working back up to mountain biking again.

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