Friday, December 7, 2012

Fourth Avenue Street Fair

We went to the 4th Avenue Street Fair today.  The weather here is just spooky good.  The sun was bright and it was a beautiful day.  This is University Avenue, where they are doing tracks for the modern street car project.  We can't figure out who is paying for all of this.  Until very recently, this is what 4th Avenue looked like.  They finished up and took down the barricades Wednesday afternoon.  The vendors were in Thursday to start setting up.

There are crafts, some of which are really nicely done.  Look at the roses placed on those pots.  This guy does really nice work.

This year there were THREE tie-dye vendors.

This was hanging from the center of one of the tents selling clothing.  I can not imagine why.

There are several tents selling beer and wine to raise money for various charities.  This young woman was hawking beer for the police tent.  She cheerfully posed for the picture without my having to ask.

There is much food that is not good for you.  We split a chicken kabob.  They're good, but they're tough to eat without ending up with it all over the face.

We spotted this guy in the tri-tip line.  Do you think he has enough french fries?

More meat.
Even more meat.  This is a tri-tip smoker.

Vegetable and noodles in a wok.  The man in the red apron would hold the cabbage and just hack slices off into the wok.  It was an interesting technique.

This is the best food truck we saw today.

More bad for you food.

Isn't this a cool bus?  It was found in someone's yard and restored.  They did a fabulous job on it.

I took this from the 4th Avenue overpass.  They're building a barn for the trolley cars.  There used to be bike path there, but it's gone now.

We had a good time.  As always, the people watching was superb.  

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